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Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

AK1-001 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

Insulation, Fireproof, Lightweight, Energy Conservation
AK1-001 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel
AK1-001 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel



The middle sandwich is foam aluminum, the upper and lower layers are aluminum sheets, and the middle layer is bonded by high temperature hot pressing.
It has the characteristics of light weight, high specific stiffness, aging resistance, good energy absorption, good impact resistance, etc.
By adjusting the material and size of aluminum foam and aluminum sheet, it can meet different performance requirements in the fields of automobile structure, flooring, box, building, furniture, etc.


The decoration effect is good. Aluminum sandwich panels have an attractive surface with different types of colors or patterns for a variety of decorative applications.
Durable. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and long service life. It does not rust and loosen like steel.
Lightweight and insulating. Foam cores are usually light weight and have different properties: PUR is thermal and fire resistant; XPS is thermal and acoustical; EPS is thermal and acoustical and inexpensive; rock wool is fire and acoustical.
Economical. Compared to thick aluminum panels, aluminum foam core sandwich panels are more economical in terms of cost because the aluminum skin is usually less than 1 mm thick and therefore consumes less aluminum.
Flat surface. Aluminum sandwich panels are flat and do not have oil tank problems.
Easy to manufacture. Foam core panels are easy to cut and usually a saw or blade or CNC cutter can easily work on it.

· 3 layers: 

· Surface: 0.3 mm Al-zn alloy coated steel sheet (Al 55%, Zn 43%)

· Middle: 16mm PU foam

· Back : Aluminium foil paper

· Size: Length (3000mm-6000mm) * Width:380mm * Thickness: 16mm

· Weight: 3.7kgs/sqm

What is aluminum foam core sandwich panel?

Aluminum foam core sandwich panels consist of 3 layers: two layers of aluminum panels on the top and bottom sides and a foam core layer.
Aluminum panels are commonly used to decorate building walls and roofs or to manufacture industrial products. Because aluminum panels are easy to manufacture and can be color coated to have a beautiful finish (various colors, wood or stone textures, etc.), they also have good corrosion resistance and do not rust easily. But aluminum itself can conduct heat, and if we want to use a thick sheet, it will be heavy and expensive. So laminating aluminum to foam core to make sandwich panels would be a very practical and meaningful product.
It can be used for muffling and sound dampening in the following places: pipeline muffler, head muffler, booster room, purification workshop, food production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, precision instrument manufacturing workshop, laboratory, ward and operation room, canteen, ship and passenger cabin, passenger cabin, air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
Product Details
Outstanding performance

1. Decoration & beautify

Free combination of different color with different pattern can produce hundreds of styles, make your building much more attractive to your customers.

2. Thermal &; Insulation

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/(m·K)

Thermal resistance: 0.648 (m2·K)/W

3°~5° difference inside & outside after using Baikal sandwich panels.

3. Water proof & Fire proof

It is the basic Characteristic for exterior wall panel, for the surface is Galvanized steel sheet, inner side is Aluminium foil paper, good water resistance & fire resistance.

4. Energy-saving

Energy saving: air condition usage=1/3--1/5 energy before install panel

16mm Baikal sandwich panel =500mm common brick=1200mm mortar

5. No rust, No fade, Long lifetime.

Al 55% + 43% Zn Alloy steel sheet on the panel surface! This good chemical performance identified by World & Steel Institute make the sandwich panel lifetime more than 40 years.

6. Light weight

Weight 3.7kgs/sqm,  lighten building self-weight, so very hot selling for steel structure building, PEB house.

7. Easy installation

Just insert one by one and fix by screw, very easy!

About 30 sqm per person per day average, so widely used for speed house.

8. Eco-friendly

Dry construction, no need water, no need concrete,  no dust, no, Pollution, no noise.

9.  Easy Maintenance

Self-cleaning by rain or water

PU Sandwich Panels

We can provide the following 13 pattern PU sandwich panels

1. Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

2. Big Brick pattern Sandwich Panel

3. Stone Pattern Sandwich panel

4. Tile Pattern Sandwich Panel

5. Mosaic Pattern Sandwich Panel

6. Marble Pattern Sandwich Panel

7. Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel

8. Wave Pattern Sandwich Panel

9. Small Stone Pattern Sandwich Panel

10. Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

11. Big Stone Pattern Sandwich Panel 

12. Flat Pattern Sandwich Panel

13. Ripple Pattern Sandwich Panel

Performance test

Baikal Sandwich panel Physical Testing Data

Testing Items Unit Technical Standard Testing Result Testing Method
Thermal conductiveity ( core material), W/(m*k) ≤ 0.040W/(m*k) 0.024 GB/T 10297-1998
Comperssive strength Kpa ≥ 30Kpa 52.7 JG149-2003
Water absorption % ≤ 424% 415 JG149-2003
Density of the panel ( three layers) kg/m2 ≥ 1.7*100kg/m2 1.821*100 GB/T 6343-1995
Bending resistance under 0.5KN mm ≤ 18.3mm 13.3 GB/T 9341-2000
Cementation strength Mpa > 0.1Mpa 0.18 JG 149-2003
Smog resistance h / color is not changed and there is no spot of erosion GB 5928-1986
Weather resistance h / There is no damage on the surface and color changed from lever 4-5 GB/T 17657-1999

Baikal Sandwich Panel Flame Retardant of Polyurethance Foam

Testing Items Unit Testing Result Testing Method
Wind -resistance data kPa 8 JG 149-2003

Baikal Sandwich Panel  Heat Insulation Comparision

Testing Items Thermal Conductivity The Thickness Testing Result
Cement 0.13 7.23cm  
Lumber 1.1 61.2cm  
Gypsum Board 0.5 27.8cm  
Common Outerwall 0.15 8.34cm  
Baikal Sandwich Panel 0.018 1cm Best result


What’s the advantage of the exterior wall panel:
1.Decoration & beautify (more than 200 kinds of pattern& color)
2.Thermal & Installation (3~5 centigrade inside & outside)
3.Water proof
4.Fire proof.
6.Environmental protection 
7.Light weight & easy installation (fast install)

Are you factory? Where is the location?
Yes, we are a real professional manufacturer, not agent or distributor.
Our factory is one hour driving from Qingdao City, Shandong province. China Middle Part.
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