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A sandwich panel is a type of construction material that consists of three layers: a low-density core sandwiched between two thin, high-strength skins. The core provides insulation and structural support, while the skins provide weather resistance and durability. Sandwich panels are commonly used in the construction of walls, roofs, and floors in a variety of applications, including buildings, transportation, and refrigerated trailers. They are lightweight, energy-efficient, and cost-effective, and offer a number of advantages over traditional building materials.
As one of the world's largest manufacturers of modular building systems, we have extensive capabilities and experience in designing and laminating sandwich panels and wall panels for a variety of applications. A typical laminate utilizes a foam, wood or honeycomb core sandwiched between a high strength finish and a substrate to produce a lightweight panel with specific characteristics.


· 3 layers: 
· Surface: 0.3 mm Al-zn alloy coated steel sheet (Al 55%, Zn 43%)
· Middle: 16mm PU foam
· Back : Aluminium foil paper
· Size: Length (3000mm-6000mm) * Width:380mm * Thickness: 16mm
· Weight: 3.7kgs/sqm



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Sandwich panels are widely used in a variety of applications due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Some common applications include:
Building construction: Sandwich panels are commonly used as wall and roof cladding in both residential and commercial buildings.
Cold storage and refrigerated trailers: The insulating properties of the panel core make it ideal for use in refrigerated trailers and cold storage facilities.
Transport: Sandwich panels are used in the construction of buses, trains, and shipping containers due to their strength and durability.
Industrial and commercial structures: Sandwich panels are used in the construction of warehouses, workshops, and other industrial buildings.
Agricultural buildings: The panels are often used in the construction of barns, silos, and other agricultural structures.
In addition to these specific applications, sandwich panels are also used in many other areas where insulation, strength, and durability are required.

Why do we need insulated sandwich panels?

Engineers, contractors, architects and building owners are under more pressure than ever to build energy efficient, safe and sustainable buildings.
This can be a major challenge, in addition to the emphasis on speed of construction and consideration of the growing impact of noise pollution. Sandwich panel structures integrated with our rock wool cores can perform under all these conditions. They enable fast construction, economical processes and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
Our solutions are suitable for insulated ceilings, interior and exterior walls (both partitions and facades) and roofs - as well as for firewall applications. When installed, rock wool insulation takes advantage of the 7 key benefits of stone, providing.
Improved fire performance - Rock wool core insulation integrates non-combustible properties into the sandwich panel, providing the highest European fire rating of A2-s1, D0. This provides better fire protection than many other insulation types.
Acoustic Capability - Blocks unwanted noise from attached or adjacent buildings. The sound absorption properties provided by our rock wool help combat the effects of increasing noise pollution.
Thermal performance - Thanks to the intelligent fiber structure of rock wool insulation, the temperature of the building is better regulated. Improved energy efficiency also results in cost and energy savings.
Customized solutions - Products are manufactured in state-of-the-art plants to ensure a customized product for your sandwich panel process.

Why choose Baikal Core Solutions?

We offer high quality insulation solutions that improve fire protection, acoustic performance and thermal regulation.
We work directly with you, providing knowledge, advice and experience on the ground. In addition to providing quality rock wool, this includes helping you grow, providing specialized solutions and building partnerships to ensure you get a customized solution that fits your business.
The services we provide during the partnership process play an important role in this.
Consulting - Our local experts work closely with sandwich panel manufacturers to understand your manufacturing processes, products, facilities, performance and market needs. During the preparation phase, our experts will consult directly with you to share best practice tips and calculate the correct amount needed for your project.
Knowledgeable - these solutions will be tested and tried according to the latest standards and regulations. Our experts will be present and share local product expertise to help you understand the results and impact of your product.
Best Practices - Once the installation phase arrives, we provide expert advice on how best to protect the integrity of the sandwich panels, both when storing on site and during final installation.
Customization - We leverage our knowledge of specific projects and your system to create a customized product that fits your needs.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us.
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