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Why Us

As one of the early Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of PU Sandwich Panel in China, Baikal Sandwich Panel will be No after sale trouble with its good Quality and Performance.

1. PU density: 

Baikal Sandwich Panel Weight 38.4~45kgs/M3 with high density, make your room more Insulation.

2. Steel sheet Thickness:

Baikal Brand Sandwich Panel surface-steel sheet thickness is 0.27mm with 0.03mm Al-Zn coating. Never change by 0.23mm steel sheet instead although it is hard to judge by eye. While lifetime is obviously 10 years difference between 0.27mm steel sheet with 0.23mm.

So better Acid-proof, anti-corrosion, stable chemical property, good aging resistance, and average service life up to 25~45 years.

3. AL-Zn coating

The AL-Zn coating on the Steel Surface is 40g ~60g, never reduce the Al-Zn coating proportion. So you could rest assure to use Baikal Wall panel as long as 25~45 years.

4. Technical

"Shandong Baikal New Building Materials Co. Ltd" can make Double side Steel sheet for the Sandwich panel. It means Al-zn steel sheet +PU foaming + steel sheet.  So our Sandwich Panels have high technology. 

5. Adhesion

Baikal Sandwich wall panel have good adhesion performance.PU foam will not separate with steel sheet and Aluminum foil to make sure quality.

6. Color

No color difference, surface coating uniform. Make the whole building looks harmonious.

7. Joint gap

very small, make your whole building looks more integrate.

Rest Assure of use Baikal Sandwich Panel,  It will not make you lose customers because of inferior quality. It will make your building more insulated and more attractive to help you win more market.

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PU Sandwich Panel, Wall Panel Supplier, Bending Machine Manufacturer - Baikal Sandwich Panel
No. 36, Pingri Road, Jiangzhuang Community, Gaomi City, Shandong Province, China
You can trust us
China professional Manufacturer and Exporter of Sandwich Panels and Manual Bending Machine. "Make your buildings more attractive to help to win more market" is Our principle
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