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Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel

B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel

exterior wood facade panels
B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel
B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel
B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel
B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel
B7017S-001 Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel



Wood Facade Panels

Wood facade panels are a beautiful design choice. But combustibility and weathering make real wood unsustainable. Modern Materials offers four leading alternatives to faux wood facades with extended warranties and unmatched authenticity. Steel and concrete are non-combustible.

The use of wood facade panels

The main factor in choosing wood as a floor and wall covering for the interior and exterior design of buildings is the warm feeling the viewer gets from seeing it. In other words, in addition to the difference in appearance, the wood look gives the observer a sense of warmth. The young architect therefore minimised the material coldness of other non-wood elevations by choosing wood laminates to give a warmer view.

Among the applications of wood veneer composite panels in buildings, we can mention everything from residential facades to office and commercial buildings and.

restaurant interiors and even the exterior of restaurants or shopping centres
Home-made flooring and wood laminates in various designs and colours as wall coverings or flooring
for suspended ceilings, windows, doors, decorations and partitions in houses or office buildings
Exterior of carriages, various advertising boards, interior of shops and kitchen walls

Advantages of using wood facade panels

Each facade  has a specific prominent application with its advantages and disadvantages, but it must be noted that in today's modern lifestyle it is usually due to the attractiveness that various composite panels have, obviously in various colours and designs, which is evident in this article that most architects and builders of buildings, whether administrative, residential or commercial, try to make use of them instead of iron and metal, depending on the components and the user advantages that composite materials offer. In this article we go specifically to wood composite panels and review the advantages of using them.

High strength and durability
Fast execution and low cost
Resistance to rot and decay
Wooden facade laminates are resistant to insects
Due to its non-organic nature, unlike wood, wood facade composite is unaffected by the sun's UV rays.
It is much cheaper than wood.
Has a high temperature resistance.
The more affordable price, as well as the wide range of colours and appeal, are among the advantages of this look.
It should also be noted that composite wood exterior panels are earthquake resistant as they are light.
The colour of these products will not change over time.
Composite timber panels are of excellent quality and on the other hand they can easily be replaced by wooden facades in older buildings and decorations.
If the composite facade  part of a wood panel is damaged, it is not necessary to replace the entire panel, only to replace or repair the specific part.
The installation and implementation process of wood panel composites is very easy and quick.
The surface of these wood composite panels has a resin that prevents the absorption of dust.
The resin used on the wood panel composite surface reduces the need for frequent cleaning.
The smooth, even surface is another feature of these composite wood panels.
Due to the space left during installation, the wood panel laminate can also be a good sound insulator.
The presence of polyethylene layers and sealing is another feature of this panel laminate.

· 3 layers: 

· Surface: 0.3 mm Al-zn alloy coated steel sheet (Al 55%, Zn 43%)

· Middle: 16mm PU foam

· Back : Aluminium foil paper

· Size: Length (3000mm-6000mm) * Width:380mm * Thickness: 16mm

· Weight: 3.7kgs/sqm


Baikal Sandwich panel is widely used for Exterior wall cladding and Interior wall Insulation and Decoration in the filed of PEB house, Villa, Steel Structure buildings, Hospital, Old Building renovation, School, Library, Supermarket, Plant, Train Station, Residence and so on!

Product Details
Outstanding performance

1. Decoration & beautify

Free combination of different color with different pattern can produce hundreds of styles, make your building much more attractive to your customers.

2. Thermal &; Insulation

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/(m·K)

Thermal resistance: 0.648 (m2·K)/W

3°~5° difference inside & outside after using Baikal sandwich panels.

3. Water proof & Fire proof

It is the basic Characteristic for exterior wall panel, for the surface is Galvanized steel sheet, inner side is Aluminium foil paper, good water resistance & fire resistance.

4. Energy-saving

Energy saving: air condition usage=1/3--1/5 energy before install panel

16mm Baikal sandwich panel =500mm common brick=1200mm mortar

5. No rust, No fade, Long lifetime.

Al 55% + 43% Zn Alloy steel sheet on the panel surface! This good chemical performance identified by World & Steel Institute make the sandwich panel lifetime more than 40 years.

6. Light weight

Weight 3.7kgs/sqm,  lighten building self-weight, so very hot selling for steel structure building, PEB house.

7. Easy installation

Just insert one by one and fix by screw, very easy!

About 30 sqm per person per day average, so widely used for speed house.

8. Eco-friendly

Dry construction, no need water, no need concrete,  no dust, no, Pollution, no noise.

9.  Easy Maintenance

Self-cleaning by rain or water

PU Sandwich Panels

We can provide the following 13 pattern PU sandwich panels

1. Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

2. Big Brick pattern Sandwich Panel

3. Stone Pattern Sandwich panel

4. Tile Pattern Sandwich Panel

5. Mosaic Pattern Sandwich Panel

6. Marble Pattern Sandwich Panel

7. Wood Pattern Sandwich Panel

8. Wave Pattern Sandwich Panel

9. Small Stone Pattern Sandwich Panel

10. Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

11. Big Stone Pattern Sandwich Panel 

12. Flat Pattern Sandwich Panel

13. Ripple Pattern Sandwich Panel

Performance test

Baikal Sandwich panel Physical Testing Data

Testing Items Unit Technical Standard Testing Result Testing Method
Thermal conductiveity ( core material), W/(m*k) ≤ 0.040W/(m*k) 0.024 GB/T 10297-1998
Comperssive strength Kpa ≥ 30Kpa 52.7 JG149-2003
Water absorption % ≤ 424% 415 JG149-2003
Density of the panel ( three layers) kg/m2 ≥ 1.7*100kg/m2 1.821*100 GB/T 6343-1995
Bending resistance under 0.5KN mm ≤ 18.3mm 13.3 GB/T 9341-2000
Cementation strength Mpa > 0.1Mpa 0.18 JG 149-2003
Smog resistance h / color is not changed and there is no spot of erosion GB 5928-1986
Weather resistance h / There is no damage on the surface and color changed from lever 4-5 GB/T 17657-1999

Baikal Sandwich Panel Flame Retardant of Polyurethance Foam

Testing Items Unit Testing Result Testing Method
Wind -resistance data kPa 8 JG 149-2003

Baikal Sandwich Panel  Heat Insulation Comparision

Testing Items Thermal Conductivity The Thickness Testing Result
Cement 0.13 7.23cm  
Lumber 1.1 61.2cm  
Gypsum Board 0.5 27.8cm  
Common Outerwall 0.15 8.34cm  
Baikal Sandwich Panel 0.018 1cm Best result

Customer Praise:

New buyer from Georgia, after they finish installation. They say: “This good quality”.


1、Are you factory? Where is the location?
Yes, we are a real professional manufacturer, not agent or distributor.
Our factory is one hour driving from Qingdao City, Shandong province. China Middle Part.
2、What’s the payment term?
30% TT as down payment before production, 70% TT before delivery against products photo and packing list.

What the delivery term?
Within 15 days to delivery after get your down payment
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