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Everything One Should Know About Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel is a three-layer construction product consisting of two coloured galvanized steel sheets and core between them.


The technology of sandwich panels production appeared due to American architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Alden B.Dow, who were the first to use it in their projects. Already in 1959, the American company Koppers Inc. started mass production of sandwich panels. The oldest sandwich panels manufacturers in Europe are the Finnish company Rannila now known under the Ruukki brand, the Irish company Kingspan, and the Italian company Cannon.


Sandwich panels possess good aesthetic properties, excellent energy saving characteristics, as well as can quickly assembled and thus are widely used for construction of trade and office buildings, prefabricated frame buildings, including warehouse complexes, industrial objects, and agricultural structures.



Type of sandwich panels


Depending on their use, sandwich panels are divided into wall and roof panels. In selection of wall sandwich panels, the key parameters are heat engineering, strength, and fire protection characteristics, while for roof panels, bearing capacity and long life are also of relevance.


Roof sandwich panels have to ensure full air-tightness and necessary roof strength, that is why it is recommended to use panels with special profile of external facing in the form of ridges.


Energy saving


The energy saving properties of sandwich panels are determined by the type of core, air-tightness of the lock and availability of seal in it.


A seal can be of butyl, installed at the time of panels installation, or EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) installed into panels’ lock during production, which ensures better air-tightness and energy efficiency of the sandwich panel lock.


A critical sandwich panels’ energy efficiency parameter is thermal resistance (R0), which takes account of heat losses in the lock part of the structure.


Panels with thermal resistance below the mentioned parameters, are not recommended for usage in construction of energy efficient buildings.


Usage of modern cores, such as mineral wool and PIR, enable construction of buildings with even zero energy consumption. Construction of passive buildings and warehouses with regulated gas environment requires usage of technical solutions on sealing of all abutments, as well as application of sandwich panels with increased energy efficiency, allowing to almost completely exclude energy losses. A sandwich panels building structure can be considered energy efficiency, if its air-tightness comprises less than 1.5 m3/m2hour.


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