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The Secret Behind The Use of Sandwich Panels

Did you know sandwich panels are extremely popular and gaining a lot of acceptance amongst developers and contractors? It’s mainly because the panels and the insulated roof panel offer exceptional protection against harsh weather conditions. However, there are plenty of other benefits of sandwich panels and insulated roofs. Baikal is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality roofing panels and wall cladding that help to maintain thermal insulation and more. Let’s get to know about the secret benefits of installing sandwich panels for sustainable buildings.


Thermal and sound insulation


The sandwich panels offer optimal heat insulation. However, the thermal conductivity of the panels depends on the type and thickness of the material. The sandwich panels are ideally manufactured for cold storage units, buildings, and industries that require protection against harsh weather conditions. The panels restrict mold development and offer optimal hygiene. The sandwich panels also offer a high degree of sound insulation. Mineral wool, PIR, PUR are some of the insulating materials used for manufacturing high-quality sandwich panels. The panels are structured like a sandwich and have an insulated core covered from both sides by galvanized sheets. The thickness of the panels varies according to the customization, and so does the insulated core. Get in touch with Baikal manufacturers for customized panels ideally suited for your buildings. 


Energy efficiency


The wall cladding and insulated roof panel offer excellent energy efficiency. The panels provide maximum insulation and trap the cold air inside the inner chambers. The panels do not allow hot air to enter the inner chambers. This ensures that the air coolers do not have to function 24×7, and the energy consumption gets significantly reduced. The low energy consumption reduces the utility bills and ensures long-term savings. The roof panels and wall cladding energy efficiency make them ideal for buildings that have to maintain a specific temperature all throughout.



Exceptional durability


The sandwich panels are extremely durable and can last for 40 years or longer with minimal upkeep. You do not need to maintain the panels regularly. Just professional cleaning once a year is enough for its optimal upkeep. The durability factor makes the panels all the more cost-effective as, for a long time, you don’t need to invest in repairs or replacements. The lightweight panels are easy to install and also require less cost in transportation and labor. Sandwich panels are ideal as they are a one-time investment compared to other affordable alternatives that need repairs and replacements every now and then.


Fire resistance


At times buildings need fire resistance wall cladding and roofing panels; that’s when Baikal manufactures sandwich panels. Based on the customization, the high-quality panels are resistant to flames and can withstand heat resistance until 1000° C or even higher.


Wrapping up


If you are looking for high-quality sandwich panels that would offer enhanced durability and resistance to heat, fire, and sound – get in touch with Baikal. The professionals offer a free consultation to all potential customers. Request a no-obligation quote now.


We are a sandwich panels supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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