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What Makes Sandwich Panels a Useful Proposition in Prefabrication?

Sandwich panels are composite structures that form an integral part of any prefabricated building. These are sometimes also referred to as sandwich structure composites or sandwich structures or insulated sandwich panels. They derive their name as "sandwich" because the core insulation layer is sandwiched between two metal sheets. The core layer supports the outer layers, thereby resulting in a composite block with high structural strength. Besides the insulation properties and structural strength, sandwich panels are also popular due to their cost-effectiveness.


If you are not sure if sandwich panels would be the right choice for you, below are the few advantages that we would like you to know.



1. Thermal Insulation


It is a well-known fact that sandwich panels have good insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is however different from thermal insulation, which depends on the material type and thickness used.


Sandwich panels are primarily used in building construction due to their insulation properties. They help keep room temperature in control, radiating off excessive heat coming from outside. This leads to cost-saving that is normally accrued from the usage of ACs in traditional buildings. Additionally, sandwich panels also reduce the risk of mold formation and excess humidity that arises from thermal movement and condensation. The thickness of the panels depends on the thermal and load-bearing requirements, the local weather conditions, and building type.


2. Fire resistive capabilities


A certain kind of sandwich panel that is has mineral wool insulation can prevent the fire from spreading. This comes in useful particularly if you need your building to be fire-proof. By making use of fire-resistant sandwich panels, building contractors and designers can ensure better safety for the staff working in as well that of the inventory. However, factors like the area and height of the building must be determined beforehand for the feasibility of fire-resistive panels installation.



3. Sound Insulation


The sound insulation property of sandwich panels comes in useful in areas with a high level of noise. Certain panels have high sound resistive properties which can keep your home environment quiet, making it free from unwanted noise arising from vehicular and people movement.


4. Cost-Effectiveness


Insulated sandwich panels are very economical since their core material comes in cheaper as compared to composite reinforcement. In addition, sandwich panels are inherently durable, which makes them reusable. They last for many years, thus making it a good value for money.


5. Better Strength-to-Weight Ratio


Sandwich insulated panels have better strength to weight ratio as compared to traditional laminates. So in spite of being light in weight, they can bear heavy loads. This is a big advantage as it would lead to purchasing a lesser quantity of materials for the required capacity. Alongside, it can also save on shipping costs.


Baikal is a sandwich panel supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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