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What is Wall panel?

What is wall panel

The structure of the house consisting of walls and slabs. The wall acts as both a load-bearing component and a room partition, making it the most common and economical form of construction in residential buildings. The disadvantage is that the flexibility of the indoor layout is poor. To overcome this shortcoming, it is currently developing in the direction of the big opening. Wallboard structures are mostly used in residential buildings, apartments, and public buildings such as office buildings and schools. The load-bearing wall of the wallboard structure can be made of brick, block, precast or cast-in-place concrete. Prefabricated reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete hollow slabs, trough panels, solid panels for prefabricated slabs; prefabricated and cast-in-place slabs; fully cast-in-situ slabs.

Wall panel advantages

1.Low-carbon and environmental protection: all surface treatments are made of environmentally friendly materials, no paint components, no harmful ingredients, completely bid farewell to formaldehyde, and truly zero carbon zero emissions.

2.Moisture-proof and waterproof: good moisture-proof performance, suitable for wet areas, water vapor moisture is difficult to enter, indoor dry and comfortable, no water seepage and water leakage, let you completely get rid of the trouble caused by the wall mold.

3.Anti-corrosion and durable: high strength, good toughness, light weight, shock resistance, no deformation, not easy to aging, anti-creep, not easy to corrode, long service life, one renovation, and lifetime benefits.

4.Insulation: After testing by the national authority, the difference between the indoor temperature and the room temperature of our product installation and general decoration materials is 7 degrees, which is 10 degrees compared with the paint.

5.Easy to install: It adopts the gusset plate installation method, which can be directly bent, folded and folded, and the blank wall is directly installed. One step is in place, the installation is not cumbersome, and the ordinary woodworker can let you not worry about the decoration cycle is too long.

6.Easy to clean: The surface is treated with global advanced technology. It is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also easy to clean and sanitize. It can be directly scrubbed with water, no foaming, no deformation, and make your life easier.

7.Sound insulation and noise reduction: equivalent to the sound insulation effect of the solid wall, whistle sound, machine noise, car roaring no longer bother your life, but also a quiet sky.

8.Super hardness: based on original bamboo fiber, it is environmentally friendly material, enhances hardness, resists impact, resists friction, and is not afraid of scratching, making your life better.

Wall panel type

AU1-001 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich PanelInsulation, Fireproof, Lightweight, Energy Conservation

AK2-008 Large Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

AM3-019 Stone Pattern Sandwich Panel

AH4-001 Tile Pattern Sandwich Panel

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